Disney plus movie Soul hits the hearts of SLHS

Alexandra Pawlitz, Editor

For the past 97 years, Disney has always made extraordinary movies and been one of the top producers in the movie industry. Before 2020 came to an end, they released their newest movie Soul

Soul is set in New York City where the answers to life’s most important questions are found. The story follows a middle school band teacher named Joe Gardner, who seeks to reunite his soul and his body after they are accidentally separated. While trying to reunite his body and soul, he suddenly contemplates his choices and regrets the existence he took for granted. From the afterlife, he sees his current situation in the real world and wants to desperately get back to Earth in order to attend his big gig he obtained from one of his former students. However, in order to get back to the world he once knew, he has to complete the mission of helping another soul find their passion in life. 

Gardner is matched up with one of the hardest souls in the program, 22. Twenty-two has been through over 1,000 advisors and not one has been able to help her find her passion. However, with Joe’s help, the possibility of finding her passion may be easier than she thought. As Gardner and 22 travel through different parts of New York City, the goal of finding 22s passion becomes a whole lot easier. 

Andrew Musselman stated, “At first, the movie was extremely weird, but as the movie progressed, it suddenly made sense. I really enjoyed the story line and the overall ending of the movie. I highly recommend this movie to anyone!”

In the 17 days it has been released, the movie Soul has already grossed 32.5 million dollars. Since the movie became so popular, it was immediately added to Disney’s streaming service Disney+. 

The movie received nothing but positive reviews with Rotten Tomatoes awarding it an 96% approval rating, and CinemaScore giving the movie “A+” as an average score. Students at SLHS are slowly becoming introduced to the new movie and love the ability to stream it on Disney+. 

Avante Taylor mentioned, “I really enjoyed the movie Soul. I had to watch it twice because the message in the movie was very powerful. Overall, it’s an outstanding movie!”