Christmas Traditions at SLHS

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Everyone has different traditions for Christmas, some don’t even celebrate Christmas. A very common tradition is the tree, presents, and Christmas dinner with family. There are also traditions people do that some do a different way, such as the star or angel on the tree.

The Elf on the Shelf. Many families do the tradition where all season long they have a Santa elf around the house and you try to find it. This is mainly fun and games for the children to play as they try and find him. The arrival and dismissal of the Elf vary from family to family and how early they celebrate the holiday season.

Pickle in the tree. This one isn’t exactly the most common one, but a range of people do it. This tradition is a German tradition, where you place a pickle ornament and on Christmas morning. The first person to find the pickle on the tree would receive an extra present from Santa Claus or would be said to have a year of good fortune.

Letters to Santa Claus. Almost every kid has done the same thing every year, asking for a bike or a dog. Children write letters to Santa, usually around the ages of five to nine. In the letter the children tell Santa what they want and why they want it, most of the time it’s about a bike or a dog. Sometimes kids go over and say they want something out of this world like a dinosaur; either way, the letter is for children to have fun and keep the magic alive.

Everyone has different traditions. There is no wrong way to celebrate Christmas. Some people make their own traditions that make their family more unique and close in their eyes. It also makes them look forward to it every year. The moral of Christmas is to have fun with friends and family and make memories you will never forget.