Netflix aired Trump: An American Dream in November of 2017

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Trump: An American Dream is a documentary approach to the story of the 45th president of the United States. Since Trump’s presidency is set to come to an end in January of 2021, It could be said that this documentary is more relevant than ever. The documentary details the rise of America’s most savvy businessman, Donald John Trump Sr. or as he is more commonly known, President Trump.

The documentary starts off seemingly fine, but something seems off with the light they put him in. It seems as though they treat him and his character as a super villain; as if showing how a young businessman turned into the greatest evil of all time. Dylan Luft stated, “If there was a series on Biden I think it may be biased considering he is due to be the President.”

The series spans just one singular season of four episodes. Each episode is an hour or so long, which adds up to around four hours for the whole series. While it may seem subtle at first, the series utilizes little to no time dwelling on the great things Trump has done. It simply explains the events within his life. Though this may seem a sufficient way to explain his life, it cannot exclude his various accomplishments.

All in all, Trump: An American Dream is best described by Dani Di Placido of Forbes, “Trump: An American Dream plays like a supervillain origin story.” The underlying fact of the matter is the series was almost definitely created by biased or uninformed people. I would say, the series is worth a watch not for educational purposes, but for personal entertainment.