Shifting Realities makes an appearance

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Over the pandemic, everyone found new things and learned new things that helped pass the excruciatingly long time. In early September, Harry Potter rose to the top of attention on an app called TikTok. One of the biggest “trends” that sparked was something called shifting realities, and it became a worldwide phenomenon for teenagers and young adults to get a nice vacation away from the real world.

Shifting is a way of training your mind to enter a new reality, one on which you create almost like a story. It took over TikTok after someone found an old Reddit explaining how shifting works. Since then, most people have been shifting to Hogwarts from Harry Potter. When shifting, the mind needs to relax enough to focus on where you are headed instead of the real world. These are called current reality and dream/desired reality. In your desired reality, you can control anything that happens including: your appearance, your friendships, what happens when you are there, the events that may happen, your intelligence, your scent, etc. 

What is the difference between lucid dreaming and shifting realities? It’s quite obvious, to be honest. Lucid dreaming is never fully intentional. You are aware you are dreaming, but you do not “pick” what you dream of whatsoever. While shifting you have created that world, you are in control, and you are the main character. Likewise, while lucid dreaming you are still in full control and everything is predictable most times. However, while shifting, unless you script it, you are not in absolute control over what happens throughout the day.

Scripting, no confusing nor hidden meaning behind it. Like a play, you can script your dream/desired reality to fit your liking. It is not mandatory, but it is usually recommended; in this script, you can write down whatever your heart desires. You can be immortal, bulletproof, stop a character’s death, be indestructible. 

A very bendable thing people enjoy are the time zones; for example, one hour in your current reality is five or such hours in your dream reality. Usually, it is to keep track of your appearance, friendships, relationships, and events. An important thing to have is a safe word or action so you can leave. Again, scripting is all up to you and how you want things to go.

There are some things that can help you shift but are not required. Methods are one of the many. Methods are mainly there to help the mind focus more on shifting rather than sleeping. There are sleep methods and there are non-sleep methods. One sleeping one is called the Raven Method where you lay in a starfish position so your limbs do not touch and you count to 100 with your eyes shut and think of your dream/desired reality while breathing slowly. According to Amino, “once you hit 100, you should start affirmations (positive/manifesting thoughts and phrases such as I am shifting, I will shift tonight) and you should feel the symptoms of shifting. A method of not sleeping would be called Julia’s Method, in this, you put on some theta waves (6hz is best) or anyone you want, then meditate until you yourself feel completely relaxed. After that, you start affirmations then start counting to 100 slowly. After starting the count, start going over your script – or identity affirmations – after this, you should start feeling like you are in your dream/desired reality; once you feel like your surroundings have changed, open your eyes and you should be there.” 

Do not shift until you feel you are ready and you understand and believe. Shifting is difficult, but not impossible. A certain worry or question most new people have is, “could I get stuck in my dream/desired reality?” No, you cannot, which is another difference between shifting and lucid dreaming. If you do not feel safe or informed enough to shift, there is an app called Amino which is compatible with both android and IOS. The app involves many groups that help teach and help with that subject. It is highly recommended because many experimental people are on there and are glad to help. As with all worldwide apps, be safe and don’t do anything stupid.