Georgia’s two Senate seats are determined

Raphael Warnock was elected to one of Georgia's Senate seats.

Courtesy Photo

Raphael Warnock was elected to one of Georgia’s Senate seats.

Curtis Brashaw, Staff Writer

Jon Ossoff was also elected to represent Georgia. (Courtesy Photo)

On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, the Georgia Senate runoff polls closed. This left Georgia officials to start counting the votes to predict the last two Senate seats, which will determine the control of the senate. This has been an extremely anxiety-inducing process for everyone around the country as it determines which party will control the senate. Both Democrats won the election meaning that the Democrats now have the same number of seats as the republicans; yet what happens if there is a tie? Well, Kamala Harris would be the new tiebreaker since she represents the majority democrat side explain more…

Olivia Good, a freshman at St. Louis High School, feels like having a fully Democrat-controlled government might be unfair to republicans. Good states, “I feel like if we would have a republican senate and a democratic president it would be a lot better for our country.”

The two senators that have just been elected are Jon Ossoff(D) and Raphael Warnock(D). Warnock is a reverend at the Martin Luther King Jr. church and has strongly campaigned for voting rights. He also wants to see criminal justice be reformed. According to Warnock’s website, “Reverend Warnock also believes that it is morally wrong and economically backward to close the doors of social re-entry on the formerly incarcerated.”

Another freshman at St. Louis, Lillie Thayer, has a good feeling about Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. She says, “I think these senators feel very genuine and like normal people, unlike the last Georgia senators who were multi-millionaires and had allegations of corruption.” 

The other senator, Jon Ossoff, has stated that he is against political corruption. He was quoted saying, “Political corruption threatens our republic and the future of the planet.” He also campaigns for affordable healthcare; on his website it says, “I am fighting for great health care for every American with a strong public option and strengthened Affordable Care Act.” 

With a Democratic majority in the house, the presidency, and now the Senate, this means that President Joe Biden(D) will likely be able to pass his new legislation without too much trouble. His main focuses are recovering jobs after the pandemic, beating Covid-19, and giving Americans affordable healthcare. Now that the senate is democrat leaning, many are optimistic, yet some are also concerned.