St. Louis High School unveils brand-new Wrestling Room


Autumn Mann

Wrestling Coach Kevin Kuhn preps the new Wrestling Room for the upcoming season.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

Is there a newly updated room at St. Louis high school? Yes, there is! Students, athletes to be more exact, are buzzing about the new wrestling room!

Coach Kuhn explains what exactly the room has in store for the Sharks: “This room has been an idea in the making for the past 10 plus years. When current superintendent Ms. Mckittrick was the athletic director, she was always on the hunt for a wrestling space. She was also fully on board with this decision.” Kuhn continues, “It’s nice to remove wrestling from the cafeteria. I mean let’s be realistic, we sweat, are pretty stinky, bleed a lot, etc.! Having us contained is a good thing for everyone!” 

On top of this, the room can also be used by Mr. Landis, health and gym educator, for tumbling and yoga! 

Kuhn also acknowledges that he had a bit of help when it came to piecing this idea together. “The woodshop crew led by Phil Maxwell was instrumental. They tore out dated cabinets to add space. Mr. Maxwell donated so much time to the cause by helping cut and haul mats to fit. Sports boosters funded the wall mats. Our custodial department has been working with us hand-in-hand as well. It’s just a great collaboration of awesome people.” 

Kuhn agrees that the space will be more crowded considering they used to use the cafeteria. However, he knows with the help of his students, he can make ends meet and figure out how to adjust. He also further explains that the room’s location across from the gym is key for his athletes to warm-up prior to their matches.

It is quite obvious that this upgraded room will serve great purposes for many things. Whether Landis needs it for yoga or tumbling or if Kuhn needs it for his practices, this room will bring great assistance to them both.