Mr. Bernia saves the Public School system, one chicken at a time


Mr. Bernia’s students were very excited about the chicken project.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Weeks ago, Mr. Bernia and his animal science class started raising broiler chickens. According to Bernia, “I made the decision to raise chickens for a few reasons.” Bernia continued, “The first, to give students a hands-on learning experience to accompany our Feed’s and Nutrition unit. Secondly, I wanted to provide students with an opportunity to compete in the Michigan FFA Broiler Contest.”

Yes; it would seem as though Bernia hopes to prepare the FFA students for things to come. Who could put a price on the future of future farmers? Bernia explained, “The chickens were processed, just as all livestock animals are. We donated 25 chickens to the Baptist Children’s Home and sold the remainder as a fundraiser.” While some may be upset at the cost of their nostrils, the sacrifice of their nose is nothing compared to the overwhelming positives that come with this process.”

As stated by Bernia, “It’s not a new idea; many schools in the area raise chickens as a part of their curriculum each year. So I figured why not bring it to SLHS?” Yes. Why not indeed. As previously stated, Bernia is not the first figure to attempt such a goal. Many others have, too, strived to raise the chickens to the benefit of the youth. One student, Grant Bebow, said, “I think he did a good job teaching the students about the chickens and showing them how to take care of them.”

Bernia closed, “I believe the application of the knowledge they were learning in the classroom, and learning about the poultry industry, and learning a set of skills they may not normally have had, are some of the biggest benefits. I hope to continue to do this project with Animal Science classes every year.”