Dawson’s Creek is making a comeback!


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Alexandra Pawlitz, Editor

Dawson’s Creek is an American teen, drama television series about the lives of a close group of friends which aired from 1998 to 2003. The pilot episode was watched by 6.8 million viewers and was rated 4.8/5 stars by Common Sense Media. The main reason why this T.V. show was so popular is because of the show’s never-ending love triangles which focused mainly on character Joey, who was indecisive when it came to her soulmate Dawson or her true love Pacey.  

Danielle Luft mentioned, “When it came to Joey, it was always frustrating because she never could choose one guy. Even though Dawson is her soulmate, it was always toxic when they got together as a couple. In that case, team Pacey all the way! I also really enjoyed the fact that the director brought in more characters as it made the show more interesting!” 

Dawson’s Creek is based on four main characters: Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, and Pacey Witter. Dawson and Joey grew up as childhood best friends and little did Dawson know that Joey has been in love with him the entire time they’ve been friends. During their childhoods, Dawson was always close with Joey but he was also close with Pacey, who was also Dawson’s best friend growing up. As the three grew up together, they noticed changes made to their friendship. Joey was starting to pull away from the idea of spending the night with Dawson, and Dawson had no clue why she was doing this. One afternoon, a cab pulled up with new girl Jen Lindley, and Dawson was determined that this girl was going to be his first girlfriend. Knowing this made Joey very upset, and she started to pull away from Dawson. During this time, she became closer with his best friend Pacey, and this sparked a heated argument between the three best friends. Throughout the entire show, additional friends come and go, feelings change, and Dawson must suffer from growing pains. 

My mom was always bugging me to watch this T.V. show, and I put it off for years. Since this year isn’t exactly normal, I decided to give it a go and started watching Dawson’s Creek. I instantly was hooked and finished all of the six seasons in a month. Before watching this show, Grey’s Anatomy was at the top of my list for favorite T.V. shows, and now after watching Dawson’s Creek, it may be my new number one. In the beginning, I was team Dawson and Joey, but as the show progressed, their relationship as a couple showed toxicity, and I suddenly became team Joey and Pacey. I knew that Dawson was her soulmate from the beginning as she spent her entire childhood growing up with him, but I knew he wouldn’t be the guy she would develop an actual relationship with. I highly recommend this show to everyone. It just got put on Netflix, and almost everyone has Netflix these days. So take a chance and watch it. I promise you won’t regret it in the end. I absolutely loved this television show! 

Mrs. Biehl commented, “I just started season four and Pacey and Joey finally kissed! I have to say I really liked Dawson and Joey together in the beginning, but Dawson had his chance and totally blew it. Team Pacey all the way! I also really love the character Grams.”