Students keep up with The Masked Singer


Courtesy Photo

Promotion for The Masked Singer.

Brooklyn Elsea, Staff Writer

Do you ever wonder, “Can this actor/model/influencer sing?” The Masked Singer is the answer to your question. Jan. 2, 2019, The Masked Singer aired its very first season, bringing in famous people hiding under a full-body costume of their choice to sing for millions. The world votes who wins the round as the judges – audience included – guess who the people behind the masks are.

As of Nov. 18, 2020, we are down to Group B Finals. The Masked Singer contains millions of famous people, giving everyone a chance to have their guess. As the seasons go on, we get vague hints about the person under the mask as their voice is altered with a built-in voice filter, but their singing voice is all the reality we get.

The show takes the identity very seriously as no skin can be shown, and the families cannot know. Their masks are big, and most of the celebrities wear bulky clothing and heels so you cannot tell their height or body shape. Some people figure it out by the way the person moves or simply from their hints.

There have been many surprises to this show; two of them including the famous actress Raven-Symone as the Black Widow, and famous YouTuber, Ninja as Ice Cream. What makes the show tricky is that it could be anyone as there are no categories. It could be a football player, an actor, a TV show host, a YouTuber, or even the man who created Facebook. So many people could either know who it is or have no idea.

Many people are glad they have not canceled season four due to the pandemic. It’s a great show to watch with your family and have a relaxing night and good laughs with.