What’s your 2020 aesthetic?

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

As 2020 is coming to end, aesthetics have become big with young adults. You can see a person’s aesthetic by their Instagram page or Tiktok, by the way, they dress, and how they decorate their room, and even sometimes their personality. 

However,  what even is aesthetic? Well, an aesthetic is an appearance or a conception of beauty. It can apply to any visual part of a person’s life. Maybe by one’s makeup or their style, maybe even by how they decorate, and it can even contribute to social media. There are many different types of aesthetics. At St. Louis High School many students struggle with finding their aesthetic/ style. But there are many aesthetics to pick from. 

The top six more popular aesthetics are vintage/90s’ nostalgia, grunge, artsy, the baddie, cottage core, soft girl, and the minimalist. 

The people who dress as or decorate their room to vintage aesthetic admire the 7si0s’, 80s’, 90s’. This aesthetic can be also be referred to as the 90s’ nostalgia. Vintage style is usually baggy jeans rolled up at the ankles, sweaters with an oldish look to them, and maybe a white-collard shirt underneath the sweater. Some people who enjoy the vintage aesthetic will dress similar to the girls in the movie Clueless

The next aesthetic is grunge. Now this aesthetic has become very popular on the famous app TikTok. Grunge emerged from the 80s’-90’s rock look. The style for this aesthetic is chunky shoes or converse, chains, black clothing, skirts, baggy clothes, and tights. Most people have known this aesthetic to go with e-girl looks and edgy e-boys. Chains are a very big part of the grunge aesthetic. 

Next is the Artsy aesthetic, known for the love for art and nature. It can also be referred to as the indie aesthetic. This aesthetic may remind people of the vintage aesthetic but is still different. The artsy aesthetic tends to be more creative and colorful. With it comes dressing and decorating. People who tend to like this aesthetic tend to wear converse too. A room with an artsy aesthetic may have vines and leaves on the ceilings and walls. 

The baddie is another popular aesthetic. People who dress in the baddie aesthetic like to wear baggy clothes and sometimes also slick clothes too. Sometimes they wear high heels while other baddies like to wear chunky tennis shoes. The makeup look for a baddie is weakening falsies which are fake eyelashes, eyeliner, and nude lipstick. 

Cottage core is another well-known aesthetic. Cottage core celebrates a return to traditional times and skills like baking and sewing. A lot of people who wear part of this aesthetic seem very wholesome and innocent. Many people dress in older looking clothes like dresses in floral patterns, long skirts, and outfits are usually paired with a pair of boots. 

One of the most well-known aesthetics is the soft girl aesthetic. The soft girl aesthetic also goes along with the wholesome look. This aesthetic contains a lot of pastels colors. Most people will wear little sweater vests, jeans, tank tops, cute and simple crop tops. Also one might tuck in their sweater with high-waisted pants. A soft girl’s room is usually girly and has some soft colors like light pink or baby blue. 

Last but not least aesthetic is the minimalist. For a minimalist ‘less is more.’ For this aesthetic, the clothing usually consists of beige and different shades of brown. A person who has this aesthetic might have a room that is very clean and organized. Everything would look neat but cute and pleasing to the eye. 

Korah Honig, a student at St. Louis High School, believes there is definitely more than one aesthetic because everyone is different.  Honig states, “I’ve definitely developed my sense of style and aesthetic during quarantine experimenting with what I like and don’t like.” Honig believes that her room does in fact reflect her aesthetic and the way she dresses. She stated, “It’s nice and cozy with a lot of art and art supplies displayed around the room and a lot of pastel colors.” Honig’s favorite aesthetic is the cottage because she loves the coziness of it. She sees herself as more of an artistic aesthetic with a mixture of a granola girl. 

Abigail Conn, a sophomore, also believes there is more than one aesthetic because everyone in the world views things differently. Conn stated, “I personally love all alternative styles and aesthetics, like indie, grunge, and goth. I also love the super pretty and soft aesthetics to like cottage core.” She doesn’t think that she has just one aesthetic. Conn frequently likes to switch her aesthetic up, and she sometimes mixes different aesthetics into one. She also stated, “I’ve loved all things alternative as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until  2014 that I started really to develop an aesthetic.” Conn’s room does match her aesthetic as it is all over the place but she has managed to make it her own. She took the bright pink walls and used her creativeness to match her aesthetic. She added Halloween decor, electric art pieces that she has made, and band posters. 

Mckenzie Smith, a freshman, stated, “My favorite is probably soft girl just because it’s really pink and girly, but I like indie too.” Smith doesn’t really know what aesthetics she would classify herself as. She used to dress more to the soft girl aesthetics but now has become more of a free spirit. She dresses how she wants. This also applies to her room. Smith’s room has some pink and girly things but the other side of her room isn’t girly at all. She believes her room matches the way she dresses. Smith definitely thinks that there is more than one aesthetic that exists.