Mole Day celebrated at St. Louis


Courtesy Photo

Jennifer Brown participates in Mole Day.

Mikayla Haag, Staff Writer

Some of the students at St. Louis High School participated in what is called Mole day, Thursday, Oct. 22, in Mrs. Beery’s classroom. Mole day is celebrated during National Chemistry Week usually between Oct. 10-23. The mole (Avogadro’s number) is 6.02 x 10^23. 

Not everyone was able to participate in this activity, but many of the students had a very good time throughout the day. Mrs. Beery’s students presented a flaming vapor ramp, elephant toothpaste, how to make nylon, an Iodine clock reaction, a rainbow tube, and a reaction called orange juice to strawberry float. Some of the students did have a few issues with their experiments.

Dilynn Everitt, a Senior at SLHS, participated, and her favorite experiment of the day was either the flaming bubbles or the elephant toothpaste. Everitt was one of the students who ended up having a few technical difficulties with her experiment. Everitt stated, “I had two experiments. One of them was called a flaming vapor ramp, which was basically a flammable vapor that is denser than air. My other one eventually became a fizzing rainbow tube that forms from mixing an indicator with a base and acid. That one took me all day to finalize because it started as a tricolor changing solution, then a hidden message, then a patriotic experiment, then an attempt at my final experiment that failed miserably because we were using the wrong base… It was rough but we figured it out!” Everitt also added, “The day definitely did not go as expected, but it was still fun. My experiments kept having to be changed for numerous reasons, so I ended up attempting like five experiments. It was a struggle but still fun!”