That’s the smell of money


Jaszmin Harbor

Now that the chickens are being processed, things aren’t smelling so bad at SLHS.

Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

Recently St. Louis High School’s hallway was filled with the most horrid smell. Many students were disgusted by it and wondered what was the cause of it.

SLHS recently adopted baby chickens for their animal science class. Daniel Thelen stated, “The smell is absolutely terrible. I have smelled a lot of weird things, but nothing compared to the current smell in the hallway. I hope that they will do something to make the hallway smell better because a lot of people complain about the smell.”

The source of this smell was the animal science class raising 150 Broiler Chickens for Michigan’s FFA Broiler Contest. They raised the little chicken until they hit eight weeks old and after that, off with their heads! Miranda Strong stated, “The hallway smells really bad. It usually smells the worst in the mornings. Some say it comes from the chickens that are currently being held in the greenhouse outside of the school. 

All of the chickens were held in the greenhouse outside of the school by the bridge. Evelynn Gutierrez, a sophomore, claimed, “I think the problem is that all of the chickens are in one place, so the amount of poop that is being contained is a lot. If someone were to spread out the chicken’s more I don’t think the smell would be as bad that it is now. The week the school had the chickens, it was only the science hallway that smelled. But as the weeks went by, the smell spread around all hallways.

Most of the students that take animal science were really excited the chickens were here. Helena Garza stated, “I am really excited with the chicken’s being here, but the smell is really bad. It eventually grew so that the whole school could smell it. I really hope we can get this all under control. But other than that having the chickens are really exciting.