What’s your 711 order?


Autumn Mann

Olivia Good eats her delicious 711 order.

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

You are walking into your local gas station, but which way do you go first? Do you go toward the fountain drinks, chips, or candy? Every person has something they lean towards at a gas station. A gas station order is a viral TikTok trend where people share the snacks and drinks they get when they go to the gas station.  

This weird viral trend on TikTok has caught the attention of many people worldwide leading to others sharing their bizarre orders as well. A gas station order is when you go to the gas station and grab snacks or drinks. 

Olivia Good, a freshman at St. Louis High School, does have a favorite gas station order. Her order contains an Extra Large coke mix with cherry slurpee, two packages of sweet tarts ropes, and popcorn. Good is more of a sweets kind of person than a salty person. She would reach for a bag of candy over a bag of chips. Good stated, “My favorite flavor of Slurpee is Coke because I love Coke as the pop.” But she also is more of a drink person than a snack person. She first found out about this gas station trend because her friend on TikTok had posted her gas station order. 

Evelynn Gutierrez, a sophomore, stated, “My gas station order would be slushy, some cheez-its, a payday, and an energy drink, preferably a red bull. A slushy because I like the flavors and the nice cool feeling you have when drinking it. Cheez-its because of how good they are. A payday because I love the salty peanuts mixed with the sweet caramel, and finally a Red Bull because I get sleepy and just want a burst to get me energetic and not falling asleep in class.” When Gutierrez reaches for a snack she reaches for a salty snack. Her favorite Slurpee is also a coke with cherry. She enjoys this becuase they are sweet and tangy. Gutierrez heard of the gas station on the for you page on TikTok. Where she heard a famous music artist talking about what she gets when on tour.