Winter weather is slowly creeping in

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

Winter weather is around the corner and people are pulling on their coats and lacing up their boots in preparation for the crazy weather we call winter. Winter in Michigan officially starts December 21, but knowing Michigan, the winter can be highly unpredictable. One minute you are expecting light snowfall. Only to wake up to school being canceled. Yet the question remains, are the people at Saint Louis High School excited for the winter weather to come? 

Winter is expected to be nasty. This year including, cold temperatures and the wet sticky snow. However, some things to be excited about. Such as: sledding, ice skating, building snowmen, and snowball fights. On the other hand, there are also some cons to winter weather: the freezing temperatures, slick roads, the idiotic drivers, and how they seem to forget how to drive at the sight of one snowflake, and also the freezing cold.

Adam Landis, SLHS Physical Education teacher, is without a doubt excited for winter. Landis stated, “I am very excited for winter to get here! I love the cold weather, sitting in front of the fire with a blanket and family! No better time.” Landis spends his winter snowboarding but seeing the beautiful trees full of snow and ice and how they glisten in the sun. He also enjoys drinking the piping hot coffee. One thing Landis cannot handle is how people drive during winter. Winter is all about the layers and being warm for Landis. 

Sophomore Ka’Trina Harbor stated, “I’m excited for winter because I get to watch Christmas movies, cuddle into warm blankets, and drink hot cocoa.” She also really enjoys winter because of the basketball season. The only thing she really hates about winter is how cold it is and she doesn’t like snow because of how slippery it is and how nasty. Harbor would much rather be cold than hot because if she is cold, she can reach for a blanket and fuzzy socks to be warm again. Her go-to clothes for winter are boots, sweatpants, and hoodies. She only enjoys snow because it reminds her of winter.