Can Breaking Bad make a comeback?


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Promotion for Breaking Bad.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Have you ever had a show that you fell in love with? One that made you love all the characters or one that made you love to hate some of them? One that got you excited with every episode and left you wanting more? I definitely had those feelings while watching Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is about Walter White, played by Brian Cranston, a 50-year-old high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. After being diagnosed, he makes the decision to cook Methamphetamine with a former student, played by Aaron Paul, so that he can leave money for his family after he dies. Jeremy Jahns, a YouTube film stated, “Breaking Bad is one of the best dramas ever put on television period.”

  Breaking Bad was a long-running television series that ran from Jan. 20, 2008-Sep 29, 2013. After Breaking Bad concluded, it was nominated for an outstanding amount of awards that totaled “238 nominations and 151 wins.”

There are multiple things I love about this television show. For example, the character development: Walter is mild-mannered and lives a very boring life with his wife, his son with cerebral palsy, and his new daughter on the way. Throughout the show, you see Walter turn from a decent human being to a driven drug cook. Adding to that, Jessie also grows as a character. He used to hate Walter back when he was in Walter’s chemistry class, but he learns to respect him as a cook and as a friend during the show. Jahns also stated, “At a point in season two, it will hook you.”

Furthermore, the dialogue in the show is well-thought and keeps you engaged through the whole series. The dialogue between each character are very different. On top of that, the emotion in and out of the dialogue is very real and consistent. Breaking Bad wouldn’t have aired as long as it did without the amount of hard work and dedication the writers put into the script and how the actors portrayed their character’s emotions.

Additionally, the cinematography throughout the show is amazing. Some of the cinematography shots really heighten the show to another level and show all the depth and meaning that scene has. Whether it be panning shots to follow characters or close up shots that pull back to reveal things, my love of the show just increases.

All in all, Breaking Bad is an amazing show with outstanding character development, well-thought dialogue, and great cinematography. It is clear how this show aired for so long with all of those details present throughout all of its episodes. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who loves action or drama.