New Jake from State Farm takes over

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

World famous Jake from State farm has been replaced in recent commercials issued by State Farm, and it is quite disturbing.

It is no surprise that many were taken aback by the sudden reappearance of Jake from State Farm. Yet something was different, Jake had always been a heavy-set Caucasian male. In these recent commercials, however, Jake appeared as a smaller African-American!

According to Alexander Hardy, “I prefer the original Jake because I remember the commercial from when I was a kid.” Hardy added, “I don’t think they should have switched the actor because the original Jake from State Farm was iconic, and it just isn’t the same.” The original and iconic Jake was an actual employee at State Farm. The new actor is an actual actor named Kevin Mimms.

However some believe this decision to replace an iconic figure is a step in the right direction for the company. Riley Davis Stated, “I think that it  was a good idea to switch the actor for Jake because it’s good to try new things.” Is the mere excuse to try new things a reasonable explanation for this? Davis Continued, “I prefer the new Jake because the actor says more things than the old Jake.”

While there is no arguing the place the original Jake has in our hearts, Davis does have a point. The new Jake says a lot more than his predecessor. The old Jake had a way with words. His iconic, and only lines in his career are, “Uhhhh, Kakis?” This new Jake has multiple ads in which he says multiple phrases. Yet, one could argue that the classic Jake’s one line says more than the new Jake’s multiple lines ever could. 

In conclusion, Jake has changed a lot since 2010 and will more than likely continue to evolve. Who knows, maybe by 2030, Jake could be an Asian man, or a combination of ethnicity. Grant Bebow states, “I’m interested to see what else they do with Jake.”