Minecraft releases Caves and Cliffs update

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Many gamers have been waiting for the announcement of the brand new Minecraft update.

The “Cave Update” was revealed to the world Oct. 3, 2020 The official version of this update not only includes features for caves but for cliffs as well. Therefore, it is officially coined, Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs. Many were under the impression that this long-awaited update would never be announced. Dylan Luft, one of these people, stated, “I think I have been playing Minecraft since I was seven so at least eight years, but I don’t play it non-stop.”

Caves and Cliffs, however, are not the only thing being upgraded for this update. There will also be a few new mobs, animals, and many new items in general. These new animals include the Warden, a giant bull-like creature who cannot see but can hear you extremely well. Enemies are not the only mobs being added, there are also friendly mobs. Axolotls and goats will also be included.

The caves, specifically, will be faced with an overhaul. New additions such as, new ores, new materials, and most importantly, The Warden will. The Warden is a hulking beast who cannot see. He merely relies on his expert hearing to know when his prey is present. One must be careful to crouch in its presence, or it will hear your footsteps and attack you. Coming unprepared is one of the many mistakes one can make when encountering this beast. 

According to Luft, “I have not been anticipating this update because they were already working on the snowy mountains and goats, so it wouldn’t seem like they would have another update happening.” 

Most were pleasantly surprised by the announcement of this news, According to Lauren Morton of PC Gamer, “The Caves and Cliffs update will change how both of those features are generated in Minecraft.”

It is almost everyone’s hope that the Caves and Cliffs update will live up to its reputation. Time will only tell if the update will meet everyone’s expectations.