SLHS students switching between online and face-to-face learning


Tyson Head

Student struggles coming back to face-to-face learning.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Many SLHS students have been switching between in person and online school lately.

Upon returning to the Saint Louis High School, parents were given the option to have their child stick to either online or in-person school. Some students have opted to break this verbal agreement, and switch between schools anyway.

Logan Antio, one of said students, stated, “I switched back to in-person because it’s easier to learn when you are in the classroom.” So it would seem most students switch back to in-person schooling due to the increased chance of retaining important information. This is quite the interesting reasoning. Considering the seemingly factual nature of this statement, it is a wonder why all students did not return to school in the first place.

Perhaps the students did not return due to Covid-19 dangers, but instead for the opportunity to avoid work at all cost. According to Julio Alba, “People should switch to in-person because it’s easier and less stressful.” Though Alba also stated, “Online was way easier for me.” 

While Covid- 19 may be a valid concern, it is best for students to learn in the classroom. It is no help to anyone to sit at home and do nothing. So next time you are faced with the choice to stay at home or go to school, go to school.