Twinning is winning at SLHS

Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

What’s better than having your best friend as your sibling? This year St. Louis High School has three pairs of twins. Those include Ethan and Alexander Emlinger, Lillie and Lexy Thayer, and Noah and Brighton Buchanan.

Ethan Emlinger stated, “The best thing about having a twin is that you will always have a best friend, but it gets annoying when you barely have time to yourself. Sometimes it’s annoying when people get me and my brother’s names mixed up. My parents and my close friends rarely get us mixed up because they tell us apart by our voices. It’s typical to assume that if someone has a twin they think alike, but we don’t. We both have different personalities than each other.”

There are two types of twins, Ferternile and Identical. According to the article, “What is the Difference Between Identical and Fraternal Twins?”,When you have identical twins, the name explains it all. They will be identical in every way when they are born, from their gender to their eye color and hair color. Fraternal twins will not look identical and can have different genders. Essentially, they are as similar as two siblings.” Lillie Thayer stated, “My sister and I are both identical. I love having a twin because she is a great companion. Sometimes it could be overbearing because you have little alone time. My parents never get us mixed up because they know us too well.”

Alex Emlinger, Twin brother of Ethan, says, “I am the older twin. If I could have a choice to have a twin or not I would choose a twin because I will always have a best friend by my side. A downfall of having a twin would be having little time to myself. My parents get our names mixed up once in a great while, but my close friends never get us confused.”