Why are so many students getting injured?



As if St. Louis doesn’t have enough injured students, Korah Honig (right) uses crutches on Doctor vs. Patient day.

Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

In St. Louis High School, injuries are no surprise. Yet, many of the students came to school injured all at once. What could be the root of all of these injuries? According to, At Your Own Risk, “The risk of sports injuries for a student-athlete is something that cannot be denied. Statistics reveal that 90 PERCENT of student-athletes report some sort of sports-related injury.”

St. Louis students are known for being injured all of the time. One student who is currently injured is Brook Erskin. Erskin, a junior and running athlete at SLHS, injured her knee. She claims that she injured her plica, a fold in the thin tissue that lines the knee joint. Due to this injury, Erskin is off for the whole season until her doctor tells her otherwise.

According to The Stanford Children’s Health, “In the U.S., about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports and more than 3.5 million are injured each year. Almost one-third of all injuries incurred in childhood are sports-related injuries. By far, the most common injuries are sprains and strains.”

Another injured student at SLHS is Ignatius Jackson who is also a junior at SLHS. Jackson plays basketball, football, and he runs. He just recently had to use crutches to get around to his classes. Jackson was injured last football season during a game, but he didn’t think it was serious at the time. This summer he went to check it out, and they said he had a torn ACL and had to get surgery. Jackson will not be playing any contact sports for nine months but will hopefully be doing track.