2020 trick or treating guidelines

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

It is safe to say that in fall, Halloween is a highlight of discussion among people. With the hint of Halloween just around the corner, people all over are raving about it and yet still questioning about this upcoming Halloween it may hold.

Traditionally kids, adults, and their friends crowd together and set off in hopes of hitting the “candy jackpot”. Because of COVID-19 and the effects that it has had on our everyday life, this year’s Halloween will look different.

According to a recently written article by, Brenna Houck, “The department advises that homeowners measure out six foot spaces and mark them with duct tape on the ground in front of their homes to encourage social distancing if a line forms. Homeowners are encouraged to put a table between themselves and groups coming to their porch to maintain distance and sanitize the surface of that table regularly.” The same rules of everyday social distancing are also in effect. As a reminder they are; staying six feet apart, washing hands regularly, and wearing a mask covering mouth and nose. Also, stay home when you are sick. Officials also ask to wear the most efficient face masks and not ones that you find at a halloween store. As for the party throwers, indoor gatherings are prohibited to 10 or less people per household. 

Logan Antio, a sophomore said, “I will be trick-or-treating this year! Sadly, I do not think that it will be the same. There is not much peppiness looming around in the school this year. I think that the guidelines this year are fair, only because they are put in place to keep us safe.” Antio also says the guidelines will not be beneficial. He adds, “Especially for the party throwers. If the party goers are as rowdy as they usually are, then there will be a spread of germs.”