Hand sanitizer dispensers around the SLHS hallways


Autumn Mann

Student at SLHS uses one of the new hand sanitizer dispensers around the halls.

Alianna Vera-Carrillo, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School recently installed hand sanitizer dispensers outside of every class room to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ashlynn Breen, a sophomore, says that she has only used it once and she regrets it because it smells like garlic. She also says, “It makes my hands slimy and oily.” She adds, “Once it dries, it makes my hands feel like they have another layer on them.” She also said that she decided to buy her own hand sanitizer because the ones in front of the classes are nasty.

According to Anthony Carrillo, a senior, “It smells horrible.” He agrees that it smells like garlic. He says, “It feels really weird on my hands.” He says that there should definitely be different hand sanitizer. He added he’d definitely rather have a different kind.

The hand sanitizer dispensers are very useful during these times, but apparently smells horrible.