SLHS students forced apart at football games due to COVID-19


Keegan Honig

Delainee Zacharko (left) and Macie Salladay (right) stay six feet apart supporting SLHS football players.

Leah Chvojka, Editor

Due to COVID-19, football game audiences are required to space out at the games. At St. Louis High School each football player and cheerleader get two reusable tickets per game to minimize spectators. Most athletes gave them to their parents but a few were kind enough to share with the students at St. Louis High School. 

Michigan Live (Mlive) is a website with tons of information about everything that is going on in Michigan, particularly, COVID-19. Jared Purcell, a Mlive writer, wrote an article titled, “Here is what each MHSAA sport is allowed to do under current coronavirus guidelines.” Purcell stated, “With outdoor-only gatherings of 100 people or less allowed, drills are allowed that keep all players physically distant; there should be no physical contact or close proximity of players.” He continued with, “Contact with other players is not allowed, and there should be no use of tackling dummies/shields/sleds. Protective equipment other than helmets is prohibited; helmets may not be shared.” 

Kaylyn Collins, a junior, stated, “Mr. Anderson [St. Louis High School’s athletic director] enforced social distancing toward the student section, more so than anyone else. I got into the game because I am a member of the yearbook staff and was taking photos. The football game still felt the same as normal, but the student section wasn’t as big and loud.”

Payton Kuhn, a sophomore, added, “ I got in because I got a ticket from Thomas Zacharko. It was still fun because there was still a decent amount of people there. It was somewhat enforced we all had masks on and stayed about six feet away give or take some.”