Students are worried for movie theaters re-opening after COVID-19 shutdowns

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Movie theaters will be re- opening Oct. 9, 2020. 

Movie theaters have been closed for months due to COVID- 19. Many people have been forced to pay for streaming services to watch the movies. they are excited about another option. One of these people, Dylan Luft, said, “I would like to go to the movies soon. They’re a lot more fun watching with friends.” 

Luft continued, “In movie theaters, movies are more dramatic than in your own house.” While it may be a controversial choice to open these theaters once again, it seems as though the theaters are dead set on raking in the cash once again. According to Grant Bebow, “Theaters should absolutely not re- open. I don’t want my sister to have a job.” Bebow’s sister is one of the employee’s at Alma’s NCG Cinema.

It’s no secret why these corporations are eager to pre-maturely open back up, It’s for the money. While the Corona-virus devastated North America, these executives are losing quite a bit of currency. Bebow stated, “I will probably not (Go to the movies). Movie theaters are not usually my thing.” It would be preferred that many Americans not get COVID due to the rapid re-opening.

While some may see the return of movie theaters as a foolish decision, others see it as an opportunity to take one step closer to regular life.