Modern Warfare season six has arrived


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Promotion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season six is finally here! The new season of Modern Warfare dropped the morning of Sep. 29, 2020, and with it comes a whole new battle pass, which includes new operators, gun blueprints, vehicle skins, new guns, and more.

With the drop of the new season, many players are excited about the new battle pass. The new battle pass includes 12 new operator skins, 22 new gun blueprints, two new guns, in-game currency, gun charms, and a wide variety of calling cards and emblems. The battle pass also includes new vehicle skins, a variety of genres of music, and car horns for players to have fun with.  

Adding to that, the new season also brings a new form of transportation to Verdansk as an underground subway. This subway counts as both a new form of transportation and an addition to the map which helps players move around the map more quickly for both high action gameplay or silent movement. Izaak warden, an everyday player, said “The subway is an amazing addition to the map because now players are able to fast-travel throughout different places within the map.”

While there’s the hype over the new subway system, there’s even more hype around the two new guns that were included in the game. The first new gun in the battle pass is the SP-R 208 marksman rifle which players can get on tier 15 of the battle pass. This marksman rifle has increased damaged rounds that basically make it a sniper within the game. With the right attachments, this gun will have a fast aim down sight speed and a high chance of a one to two shot elimination. Izaak Warden also stated, “I really like the new marksman rifle, it is like the Kar98 and the HDR had a baby.” The second new gun is the AS VAL assault rifle which is available to players at tier 31. This new assault rifle has a quick-fire rate with high recoil. While this new assault rifle is strong, it also has a different type of ammunition that increases bullet penetration making it able to shoot through multiple walls without the loss of damage.

All in all, Modern Warfare players are excited about trying all the new things added to the game. Even though players are having fun reaching new tiers in the battle pass, most already can’t wait for season seven to drop.