First time voters are eager for the 2020 presidential election


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Jaszmin Harbor, Staff Writer

Out with the old and in with the new, here comes election day. Election day is Tuesday November 3, 2020, and a few seniors at St. Louis High school will be eligible to vote.

 According to Nate Cohn, a correspondent for The New York Times, “This year’s 2020 elections are head-to-head with republican, Donald Trump versus. Democrat, Joe Biden. According to the polls, Biden appears to have 270 votes, while Trump is at 143 votes.”

 Owen Downs, a senior, said, “I am voting this year for my first time. I am voting through the mail. I am going to vote for Joe Biden  because I like his policies and he is a great leader. He is  way more mature compared to Donald Trump and doesn’t throw random tweets.”

  The Visual and Data Journalism Team for BBC News stated,In the EPIC-MRA poll released Friday morning, 48% of respondents said they would vote for Biden and 40% for Trump if the election was held immediately. Those percentages are statistically no different than the results from a poll published in early August by EPIC-MRA because the change is within the polls’ margin of error.”

According to Cade Peastrue, a senior, “I’m not voting this year because I’m torn. I like the policies that the republicans have, but don’t agree about the certain things that Trump says and does. If I were to vote I would vote for Joe Biden.”

According to Harry Enten, a senior writer and analyst for CNN, “Some states, it seems, get all the attention in presidential elections. You probably know most of them by now: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc.”