Students are excited for the arrival of spirit week



Mackenzie Smith (left) and Kiersten Wenzlick (right) participating in spirit week.

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

With school starting over again, students are buzzing about one thing; spirit week and homecoming!

Although, sadly there won’t be a parade or a homecoming dance, but St. Louis Sharks are still going to represent Shark pride! Finding out this news, students were bummed since it won’t be a “traditional” homecoming. To bring spirits up, the school district has allowed a Spirit week! This year’s spirit week consists of Monday, Hobo versus hippie. Tuesday is College and sports gear. Wednesday is camouflage versus flannel. Thursday is doctor versus patient, and Friday is a red and black day!

Mackenzie Smith, a freshman at St. Louis, stated, “I feel that the high school takes their spirit week more seriously than the middle school.” She adds, “I am going to dress up everyday that I can! I do like the spirit days that were chosen, but I think we do a sports day every year,” She exclaimed, “It doesn’t bother my spirits though! I can dress up for other days as well! I feel like the hippie versus hobo was my favorite!”

Miranda Strong, a Sophomore at St. Louis said, “I am bummed about how there won’t be a homecoming dance. I don’t really like the spirit week days. It is my second year here, and I just thought the spirit days would be better. All in all, I am very excited for the rest of the week because I like what is to come ahead.”

Although this year’s homecoming is different due to COVID-19, the spirits of the St.Louis Sharks are positive!