Marching band prohibited from performing at halftime


Keegan Honig

Saxophone player Matt Haag practices outisde with a mask on.

Kay Stites, Staff Writer

Football games play a huge role in small towns but without a marching band, is it really the same? This year, Saint Louis High School will have to leave the marching band’s halftime show out of the picture.

According to SLHS athletic director, Bryan Anderson, the Michigan High School Athletic Association came back with a list of spectator limits and the marching band was not on the list. This means that the band cannot play due to the capacity allowed in the bleachers and on the field. 

Liberty Oakley said, “Marching band, we stay six feet apart or more.” She followed with, “Football, everyone is on top of each other and in each other’s faces. It’s beyond stupid.”

On the other hand, Victoria Carroll said, “I’m perfectly fine with it. I’m on the side that we shouldn’t have football this early, and it is a risk for more people to get sick.” She also said, “We’ll have our chance to shine.” 

The fear of spreading the ongoing pandemic has caused our school to push the marching band away for this season. Additionally, blowing into instruments pushes germs and saliva into the air and allows it to fester quicker, and SLHS is trying to prevent that.