St. Louis teachers making major adjustments


Mikayla Haag

Mr. Bernia has to travel between schools every day.

Mikayla Haag, Staff Writer

Andrew Snoblen, Doug Knauf, and Matt Bernia had big adjustments this year. Not only are they having to get used to the new COVID-19 rules, but also they have to learn how to balance their time between two schools. 

Mr. Snoblen is the Math teacher at St. Louis High School and T.S. Nurnberger middle school. Snoblen stated, “The schedules are a big problem for me right now as far as trying to remember them. T.S.N. starts at 7:55 am and the hours are a little shorter than the ones at SLHS, and that is just on a normal day schedule.” He also added, “Right now it’s a little difficult to switch from teaching seventh and eighth graders to ninth and 10th graders. It may not seem like a lot, but there is definitely a difference, especially in maturity. I can joke around and be sarcastic with some high schoolers but with middle schoolers, they think it is the truth.”

Mr. Bernia is the Agricultural Science teacher and head of the FFA department. He said, “The most difficult thing about moving between buildings is timing. I often feel rushed or late after getting caught up on a project at the high school and then have to hustle over to the middle school. There never seems to be enough time.” 

Both teachers ended up mentioning time management was an issue for them. Bernia also stated, “I miss being in one building because it cuts the opportunity to reach more students. While I will see all the middle school students at some point, I won’t have the opportunity to interact with the majority of the high schoolers.” Although there are some pretty big differences for these teachers this year, they are pushing through.