Volleyball plays opener at home


Alianna Elliott-Carrillo

Delainee Zacharko passes the ball.

Alianna Elliott-Carrillo, Staff Writer

St. Louis Varsity Volleyball had its first game of the season Sept. 14, at home. There were four teams present and the Sharks finished last. Ithaca vs St. Louis was 16-25 (Ithaca) both sets, Clare vs St. Louis was 6-25 and 14-25 (Clare), Breckenridge vs St. Louis was 15-25 and 14-25 (Breckenridge). 

Delainee Zacharko, a senior on the team, feels like she had very good communication. She also feels as if she did a good job hustling to the ball. She says, “Overall as a team I thought we had a good attitude.” She continued to say, “We never gave up no matter what happened.” 

Kaylyn Collins, a junior on the team, feels like she didn’t do the best of her ability, but she still did well considering it was the first game. Kaylyn says, “Even though we lost, we still played together as a team and we didn’t argue with each other.”

Alexys Rodriguez, a sophomore on the team, feels like she did well for the first game and had good serves. She says, “I had good serves and good hustle.” As a team, she says, “We had good communication and attitudes towards the game.”