Mrs. Hanline takes full-time position at SLHS


Leah Chvojka

Mrs. Hanline has been a major help this school year.

Alianna Elliott-Carrillo, Staff Writer

Robin Hanline is the new full-time substitute teacher at St. Louis High School. 

She attended SLHS from 1984-1987. She played softball and basketball for St. Louis in high school. She began coaching softball in 1990 and finally retired after 30 years of coaching in 2019. She says, “I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to mentor students and help them through difficult times.” 

She has been subbing for four years now, and now her official job name is “full-time substitute teacher.”  Her job is to cover all the teachers, so they can work with virtual students.  She doesn’t miss working part-time at all.  She says,  “I enjoy helping students on a daily basis.” She says her biggest challenge is making sure SLHS students are safe and learning.

In her spare time now,  she loves to golf and spend time with her grandson,  Kenton.

Zeke Abbott, a senior at St. Louis High School, says that she is a great sub.  He enjoys having Hanline in the classroom.  He also says,  “She is very descriptive in what needs to be done for each assignment.”  She also is, “always there if you need help.”

Tegan Inbody, a sophomore who also has had Hanline as a teacher, says,  “She always makes sure everything goes the right way during class.”  He also enjoys having her in the classroom.  He says that she makes sure all the school rules are followed during the class period.  Inbody also says, “She’s pretty good at subbing and is always organized with directions.”

Hanline is well-known around the school and most definitely around St. Louis. She has also impacted St. Louis in many ways over the years and will continue to be a huge part of the school and in the community.