Colton Markwell: Rubik’s Cube master


Autumn Mann

Colton Markwell solves a Rubik’s Cube.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Markwell’s enormous Rubik’s Cube collection. (Courtesy Photo)

Amid all the odd talents of SLHS students, Colton Markwell stands out because he is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in seconds flat. 

A Rubik’s Cube is a sort of puzzle that challenges the mind in an interesting way. The user is tasked with matching the six sides all the same color. This usually takes the general public a few minutes to do. According to Markwell, “The fastest cube I can solve is my Cyclone Boys 2×2 cube. It takes me about nine seconds to solve this.”

Even his closest friends are impressed. According to Alexander Hardy, “He does them fast. Like he’ll start solving one and it will be done seconds later. It’s pretty insane.” This is quite impressive. Markwell also stated, “The cube that takes me the longest is my Cyclone Boys 8×8. It takes me about 15 minutes. 

Markwell owns about 58 different types of Rubik’s Cubes. These range from cones, to cubes, to pyramids, and to any kind of quadrilateral you can think of. Markwell said, “I own all of 70 cubes.” While it may be a strange hobby, it is still impressive all the same. That’s Colton Markwell for you.