Skateboarding is making a comeback at SLHS


Alianna Elliott-Carrillo

St. Louis students are taking up skateboarding. From left to right: Riley Davis, Landon Gall, and Logan Antio.

Alianna Elliott-Carrillo, Staff Writer

The newest trend at St. Louis High School is skateboarding! Plenty of students in the school are skateboarding their way around. 

According to the Skateboarding Magazine, the skateboard was invented by Larry Stevenson in 1963. Skateboarding originated in California and has been popular since.

Logan Antio, Riley Davis, and Landon Gall, all virtual learners, are just three of the skaters who all attend St. Louis High School.

Logan Antio, a sophomore, has been skateboarding for almost 3 years now. He says he likes skating because “it’s challenging and also fun.” He got into skateboarding by, “just finding a skateboard in the shed,” so he decided to try it out.

Riley Davis, also a sophomore, hasn’t been skating for long, only a month! He says he likes skating because, “it’s something to do, and you can do a lot of tricks with a skateboard.” The person who got him into it is his brother

Landon Gall has been skating for a couple of months. He enjoys skating because “it’s always fun to hang out with the homies.“ He got into it because of his friends.

Skateboarding can be very fun, but also dangerous.