New store opens in St. Louis downtown


Maria Puga-Trevino

Mom and Pops is open for business!

Maria Puga-Trevino, Staff Writer

Like other Michigan towns, St.louis is changing! It seems as if every few years there is a new place in town. On Aug. 3rd, Nicole Middleton and Brandon Flegel opened their already opened business, Flegel Tech repair, along with another store, Mom and Pop’s, where the formerly Sweet Rickedy Redo’s store.

The owners say, “Well we can start back with Flegal Tech Repair. So about four years ago, I opened the Flegel Tech Repair over in Alma, and I was working part-time, and I was able to grow instead of working from home to our first location down by Blue Shamrock. We rented from there for six months then bought the building by Main Street Pizza. We were there for a year, and then Nikki joined as a partner then stayed there for a while. Then we outgrew our last location, and now we are here!”

Nicole adds, “We’ve worked together before this building! Years ago, we wanted to do something together, but at the time we didn’t know what it was. Business has been going great! Like Brandon, said he opened his business with this one and so we’ve had a good customer base with that!”

Our candy counter has been a huge influence on our business as well, just because it has been a staple in our community for so long.  At the moment, we are not thinking about expanding our facility, but expanding our product line is what we are aiming for. On the mom and dad side of the building, our products consist of, home decor, plants, and dishes.” She added, “Just about all of our stock is from small businesses around the country, which allows us to support other small businesses. Since we are a relatively newer store at the moment, we are not going to start offering seasonal deals. Once everything starts going, maybe next year that could be an option.”

Brandon added to the conversation “In the past for Flegel Tech, we have done some Black Friday deals.” Nicole and Brandon both agree that this store is for everyone. All of the price ranges are reasonable. For more information or questions their store has Instagram and Facebook accounts!