Opinion on the brand-new Season Five of Lucifer

Promotion for Lucifer.

Promotion for Lucifer.

WilFred Howey, Staff Writer

Lucifer season five is finally here! Lucifer season five came out on Netflix on Aug. 21, 2020; fans anticipated season five being the last season but were shocked when they found out that not only is Lucifer’s fifth season split into two parts, but it is also receiving a sixth and final season.

I started watching Lucifer the first day it aired on Fox back in January of 2016. Since the day it aired, I was hooked on the show and watched it every time a new episode came out. When the show was dropped from Fox and picked up by Netflix, I was so happy because I knew that Netflix could include more edgy content that live television couldn’t. Netflix continued to build on the foundation that Fox provided and broaden the number of viewers which caused it to be raved about even more.

Season five of Lucifer is about Lucifer’s brother Michael coming down from heaven and trying to reak havoc on Lucifer’s life on Earth. I soon realized that I wasn’t as intrigued as I usually was while watching the show. This first part of the season was a bit bland compared to the rest of the prior seasons which annoyed me since I had waited so long. Lily Hindenlang, an SLHS student, said “I really liked season five part 1. I thought it was thrilling and it put me on the edge of my seat. Something that annoyed me in the season was the episode that showed Lucifer’s backstory; I ended up skipping that episode.”

However, even though I was disappointed with how the first part of the season went, the ending did set us up for part two to be really exciting. Knowing Netflix, the reason the series is split into two parts was probably because they weren’t completely done with the ending of season five so they wanted to leave the viewers on a cliff hanger while they prepare for the big part of the season. Jeremy Jahns, a Youtube film/series reviewing channel, said “It’s my least favorite season of all of them.”

All in all, I firmly believe that even though the first part of season five was lacking in suspense and intrigue, it will all be made up for in season five part two, and season six. I also still think that Lucifer is an amazing show that will intrigue the audience who decide to give it a try.