STL lunch staff adjusts to new changes


Tyson Head

Sarah Head (left) and Ashlynn Head (right) work hard to prepare meals for students.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

The lunch staff at St. Louis High School was met with some sudden changes after the return to school this year.

Amidst all the panic and confusion that was the summer of 2020, the lunch ladies continued to work through it all, giving free lunches to those in need all summer. Sarah Head, one of the lunch workers, said, “I was glad to be able to continue working. I love helping
families who need food”

While the lunchroom and line may look fairly similar, upon further inspection, there are now red dots to indicate where not to sit down and a more organized line. Additionally, “Each item has to be individually packed, which causes more time to prepare each meal.” Head continued, “I hope these choices will help to reduce the risk of Covid- 19.” The lunch workers have to be extra careful to properly handle lunches and other items.

However, Head isn’t the only one who has to work this hard. A new employee over the summer is Ashlynn Head. She commented, “It is stressful and different to be a new employee during these circumstances, but I adjust well so I’m not too worried.” Head continued, “I think coming to school was the best thing to do because I’m sure students missed their friends. I believe everyone is happy to be back.” At the end of an extra long summer, these lunch ladies work hard to ensure students eat a safe and healthy lunch.