New to St. Louis students: “A” and “B” lunches


Leah Chvojka

Students at SLHS are adjusting to the new lunch schedule.

Kay Stites, Staff Writer

Lunch is a little different this year. The school year will now consist of two separate lunches. These lunches depend on who your fourth-hour teacher is. Freshman Dom Girard said, “Two lunches are okay, I would say. The only thing about it is I have to wait longer to get mine, and I get very hungry.” He followed up with, “I wish the school would have thought of a better way for people to have “B” lunch because waiting longer makes me hungrier and it’s harder to focus.” 

It’s completely understandable to be disappointed about the change of scenery, especially coming into a brand new school. The stress of forgetting which lunch you’re supposed to attend on top of memorizing your classes and locker combinations can be overwhelming. 

Lochlan O’Boyle, a sophomore at Saint Louis said, “I don’t think that it will make a big difference, he added, “I don’t think it will because everyone in their separate lunch will just crowd with their friends.” I can see where he’s coming from. Segregating the school into two groups will cause students to flock together in search of familiar faces. 

Willow Fuentes voiced her opinion about whether or not A/B lunches were a good idea. “Yes, I think it’s a good idea because it could keep students in line, and they’ll be more likely to abide by the rules.” She also said, “I wish they would have tried to compromise more with outside lunches and eating in the parking lot.” 

There are many different opinions about separate lunches, but we all understand that it’s something the school has decided is best for the staff and students’ well being. In closing, A/B lunches might be difficult to handle right now for some, but it’ll play a huge role in our school remaining a school and not just a building.