NBA 2K21 is a slam dunk at SLHS


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Promotion for NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever edition.

Keegan Honig, Editor

The newest installment of NBA 2k was released Sept. 4, and many St. Louis High School students have already started playing. The release of NBA 2K21 was highly anticipated, partly because of the Mamba Forever addition that was available for purchase. This edition of the game honored Kobe Bryant by having him on the cover and by granting buyers exclusive in-game add-ons. The normal version of the game featured All-Star Damian Lillard as the cover athlete.

The game features a “MyTeam” mode where users create teams of past and present players and can complete challenges. Additionally, there’s a MyCareer mode where users try to make it big as an NBA star. The “MyCareer” mode is a little different this year because the developers brought back the college aspect. In this year’s game, you start off by playing a few high school games before you choose a university to play for. There are 10 schools that you can choose, including Michigan State, Gonzaga, and Villanova. After you show your talent in the college game, you can get drafted into the NBA.

Camron Troyer is a fan of the addition to the “MyCareer” mode. He stated, “I love it. Having the option to make your career start before you actually go to the NBA is amazing.”

Another change in this year’s installment is the shot meter. The shot meter is how a player’s shot is graded, and it determines whether the shot goes in or not. The meter is normally determined by the timing of the shot, but this year you can be graded by the direction in which you move the right toggle stick instead of your timing. This change is a monumental shift in how the game is played, and there have been mixed reactions to the new meter.

Ethan Wilson shared, “The new shot meter is honestly not that bad. For people transitioning from the previous game it might be a bit hard. Although, it just takes skill this year to know how to use it. Personally, I prefer it over any of the other meters.”

Despite the changes in NBA 2K21, it still has a hold on many people, including SLHS students. The stunning visuals, creative story modes, and countless hours worth of content set the 2k franchise apart, and these are the reasons that students are obsessed with this game.