Staying in shape during quarantine


Keegan Honig

Korah Honig does a workout on a stationary bike.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Staff Writer

Many people at St. Louis High School have found ways over the years to help keep their bodies in shape, whether it be going to the gym or participating in extracurricular activities.  However, when COVID-19 spread through the United States and schools were forced to shut down, these options were no longer allowed because of the risk of being infected. Governor Whitmer shut down every business that was not considered essential, which includes any fitness-related places. Because of this shutdown, people were forced to find alternative ways to keep their bodies in shape. One of the ways that SLHS students are staying in shape is by running a few miles every day. Not only is the fresh air good for the lungs, but individuals are able to get out of their houses and use running as a way to maintain a healthy body. 

Mikaila Borie commented, “When I first found out about sports being canceled, I took a break due to the lack of motivation, but then I decided that I should stay in shape for the upcoming cross country season. I run with my sister almost every day to better myself for my senior cross country season.”

On the other hand, some students aren’t fond of the idea of running daily, so many of them have turned to home exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, and other simple exercises. One of the most popular workout routines that teenage girls are doing is the Chloe Ting workout on YouTube, which includes exercises that focus on every part of the body. There are only 14 videos on YouTube since the workout is targeted to reach your body goals in two weeks. If people aren’t seeing the results they want, most of them continue to replay the videos for more than two weeks to achieve their dream body structure. 

Chloe O’Boyle stated, “I’ve been scrolling through Tik-Tok a lot recently, and I’ve seen this routine many times, so I decided to try it. Since track season was canceled this year, I decided I needed an alternative to staying in shape. I have been doing this workout daily and it seems to be keeping my body in shape.”