The dynamic new season of Survivor: Winners at War


Promotion for Survivor: Winners at War

Keegan Honig, Editor

It’s been 20 years since Survivor first aired May 31, 2000. The premise of the show is that ordinary people get stranded together, and every few days someone has to be “voted out” of the tribe. Once it gets down to the final two or three (depending on the season), the contestants who were voted out then vote for the winner. The winner of the season gets crowned the “Sole Survivor” and wins a prize of one million dollars. The show was an immediate hit when it first came out, and it’s still going strong years later.

Currently, the show is celebrating its 40th season by creating a season like none other before it, and it’s called Survivor: Winners at War. This season pits 20 of Survivor’s most memorable winners against each other. Some contestants competed in some of the show’s earliest seasons, such as Ethan Zohn from Season Three, while some players are from just the past couple of years. The dynamic of older and newer winners playing with each other makes this season very unique.

Korah Honig said, “The new Survivor season has been super fun to watch with my family every Wednesday night. We have literally yelled at the screen and laughed so much. This has been a great season so far.”

New episodes come out on CBS every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., and people are invested in this season like no other. Fans of the show for the past 20 years are getting to see their favorite winners come back for a chance to win again, and this time there’s an added benefit. This season there is a two million dollar prize at the end for the “Sole Survivor.” This raises the stakes for each contestant, so they are willing to do almost anything to get to the end. This makes this season extremely intense, and it’s causing fans to tune in week after week to see what happens next.

There are blindsides, advantages, and twists unlike any other season of Survivor, including a new twist called “fire tokens.” This is definitely one of the most exciting seasons of Survivor ever produced. Host Jeff Probst has stated, “I LOVE how this group is playing. This is a master class in Survivor. I think it will change the way new players view the game because you are watching 20 proven players try to navigate around 19 other proven players.”

Survivor: Winners at War is still being released every Wednesday night, so it’s not too late to watch it. There’s a reason why Survivor has been dominating for 20 years. This is a show that appeals to viewers because ordinary people go out there and have to learn to adapt to the environment and to each other, and that’s why it has been so successful.

Jennifer Brown shared, “I think the season is going really well. The new fire tokens are weird, and I don’t totally understand them, but watching old players return and try to adjust to the new game is interesting.”