Concert Band has great performance


Courtesy Photo

Dilynn Everitt (left) and Ethan Shattuck (right) perfectly play their trumpets during the performance.

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

The Saint Louis High School band hosted a concert Feb. 27. This concert started at 7 pm and ended at about 8 pm. 

One student who performed was Matthew Haag. He plays the saxophone. Haag had fun, and he believes that everyone else did too, including the audience. His favorite song the band played was “Rough-Riders” because it’s fast-paced. Being on stage for Haag is normal. Band is one major part of this life besides running. Haag stated, “For me, performing is just another aspect of my life, due to pep band, games, and marching shows. All this was to me was a dressier version of that, and I played the pieces as well as I could have.”

One student who was there in the audience was Mikayla Haag, who went to watch her brother and enjoy the band. Haag believes the audience really enjoyed the show. She looked some people tapping a foot, a finger, or nodding their head along to the music. Sitting there watching the concert, she could feel the vibrations from the music through her chair going through her body. Haag stated, “I had fun because it was nice to see my brother perform and have a good time. I also liked seeing lower grades playing and seeing them getting better and better.” 

Another student who performed was Abigail Conn. This is Conn’s first concert at St. Louis High School, and she believes it was one the best concerts she has been apart of. She thinks both the band and audience enjoyed themselves. She was nervous, but as soon as she turned on her amp and started playing her bass it felt like she was just practicing. All her nervousness washed away, and she became comfortable. Her favorite song was “In Times of Triumph” because she believes it was the most well-played song and sounded really nice. Conn stated, “My favorite part of the concert was definitely listening to the improvement between each band as the performance played out. You can hear a difference between each grade level and their performance skills, and I think that is really cool.” She believes that everyone in the band had fun because they all love music and like working together to create the best sounds they can.