Students compete in Teen Bible Quiz


Courtesy Photo

The Teen Bible Quiz team did well at their competition.

Autumn Mann, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School students participated in a club called Teen Bible Quiz and earned a trip for getting second place in their last event. This event was held at the St. Louis Church of Christ Friday, Feb. 7. Dylan Luft, Brandon Wood, and Colton Markwell took second place, and third place went to William Wood and Chasity Markwell. For individual scores, Chasity Markwell took fourth, William Wood took sixth, and Colton Markwell got eighth place. To celebrate, the group went to Skyzone and then went to see the movie Call of The Wild

TBQ participants learn about God’s word while having fun quizzing against other quizzers across the state of Michigan. Competitors met once a month first starting in October, and the last meeting was at the beginning of February. There are quizzers all around Michigan. 

Colton Markwell joined this event to have fun and learn about the Bible more. Markwell stated, “I had lots of fun. It was fun to quiz against quizzers from across the state and play games like Ninja before and after the meet.  The competition is really good and fun to go against.” The best part for him was trying to buzz in and answer before the other team. Markwell believes that everyone had a great time and very competition went well. He had a blast going on the trip. He had the opportunity to hang out with all his friends and relax for a day. 

Another student who was apart of this team was freshman Dylan Luft. Luft also joined because he thought it would be fun, and he wanted to learn more about God’s word as well. Luft enjoyed this event a lot and thought it was great. Luft stated, “I had a lot of fun with friends and met a lot of new cool people.” Sadly Luft couldn’t go on the trip due to bowling obligations.