Freshmen react to first experience with research projects


Tyson Head

Grant Bebow set up a rig for his experiment.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

The whole month of February has been a crazy one for freshmen. What is actually the shortest month seems like the longest thanks to the science research experiments.

For just a day, the gymnasium was changed into the “Science Symposium.” However, it doesn’t stop there. In their respective classrooms, students had to present their poster boards and explain their projects. This whole thing is worth a hefty sum of points. This holds a lot of weight in many student’s futures.

According to one freshman, Grant Bebow, “My project was about seeing if one could tune guitar strings with weights.” Bebow continued, “I somewhat enjoyed doing this, but some parts were very frustrating. For instance, my least favorite part was the board. My group and I waited until the last second to do it because we spent more time working on the wooden rig which held the string and weights.”

As you can see, for some freshmen the project was a stress-filled nightmare. For others, it was a breeze. Take Logan Antio for example, as he said, “I think I’ll be able to handle the project next year. This year was not too hard, and I have no reason to believe the next one will be any harder.” Antio continued, “My project was about which substances melted ice the fastest in 15 minutes. The experiment was interesting, but it was pretty boring waiting 15 minutes each time.”

While some students are prepared for next year, some students continue to have bad experiences. Bebow said, “We were having a lot of trouble with the experiment results, some frequencies showed to be way higher than they should have been, but the string barely made any noise.” Bebow shared his wishes for his project next year: “Hopefully I won’t make the same mistake by procrastinating or choosing group members who won’t do any work.”