Junior Shannan Mitchell bowls a perfect game at practice


Courtesy Photo

The score of Mitchell’s incredible game.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Staff Writer

St. Louis junior Shannan Mitchell bowled a perfect game during practice Monday, Feb. 24. Mitchell bowled 12 strikes in a row to end the game with a score of 300. 

Mitchell stated, “I have been preparing for this in the sense that I just wanted to make sure I was consistent with my shots and that I wasn’t getting too excited. The most nerve-racking part was when I realized during the seventh frame I could finally get my first perfect game. I’m really happy that I got this because it has been my goal since freshman year, and I always thought it was impossible.”

She also added, “The thing that made it amazing was the fact that not all of my strikes were good and that everyone was watching me and was so happy for me. When I finished my game, I was so shaky and I had to have my mom take a picture because I couldn’t hold my phone still enough.”

Shannan’s mom commented, “I was so nervous for Shannan on her last shot. She pulled it a little bit and then bam, all of the pins were down. I was so happy for her and how she achieved her goal of ending a game with a score of 300.” 

This Saturday, Mitchell will compete in singles at Bay Lanes in Bay City, and she hopes to bowl as well as she did at practice on Monday and achieve her goal of bowling 300 in a game.