Will Smith’s Bad Boys for Life is a hit


Courtesy Photo

Promotional poster for Bad Boys for Life.

Patrick Hanley, Staff Writer

After 17 years, the latest segment of Bad Boys has been released: Bad Boys for Life.

The third installation to the series starts by introducing a new conflict, which involves a prison break in Mexico to get everything rolling. In comparison to the two previous movies, a new crime leader is on the rise by the name of Isabel Aretas. She completes this prison break with two goals in mind: get her son (Armando) back in her life and eventually get revenge on Detective Lowery (Will Smith) and whoever else put her in prison and killed her husband. 

Initially, I noticed that the tone in the movie was a bit softer than the two previous ones. The scenes were more heartfelt.

However, the humor was still there, the action was 100% packed, and it was well-performed by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

If asked to grade this film, I’d give it an “A”, and I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys Will Smith movies. It met my expectations in terms of the amount of action. Most of Will Smith’s movies are good, especially the Bad Boys series. 

Justin Jones of CBR (Comic Book Resources) says, “Bad Boys for Life, the first film in the franchise not directed by Bay, is full of heart and packed with characters who are easy to love.” 

When asked about how he liked the movie, senior Trevin Robinson said, “It was very action-packed. I enjoy movies that are action-filled, so this one was definitely a good watch.”