St. Louis holds another successful blood drive


Alexandra Pawlitz

Kira Dowell donates blood at the blood drive.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Staff Writer

St. Louis High School hosted the annual blood drive Feb. 20. This event was open to the public and hosted by Mrs. Dubridge, her anatomy and physiology students, and her advanced biology students.

Joslynn Clark, a senior who participated in the blood drive, stated, “I feel like the blood drive was very successful! We may not have had the same amount of people we did last time, but everything ran smoothly. It was a very good day to save lives, and the anatomy class appreciates everyone who came and donated.”

Brooklyn Aikens mentioned, “The blood drive was a big success as always, and I’m super grateful that I got the chance to participate in such an important event.”

This blood drive was very successful and by the end of the day, 81 pints of blood were collected. As people were recovering from donating a pint of blood, they were offered various food from businesses ranging from Tim Hortons, Subway, NCG cinemas, Little Caesars, and many others. Everyone who donated contributed to saving over 243 lives! Once again, SLHS did an outstanding job working together to save people’s lives!