Sharks’ IVD team takes third in competition


Courtesy Photo

St. Louis Sharks’ IVD performed well at their latest competition.

Tyson Head, Staff Writer

Sharks’ IVD had a fierce competition last Monday, Feb. at the IVD mid-season competition in Shelby Township. 

Sharks’ IVD is a club in which Mr. Burleson teaches kids to drive and race radio-controlled cars. According to Burleson, “I’ve had an RC hobby since I was 16. My favorite part of IVD is getting to teach STEM ideas using an RC truck, like aerodynamics and gearing to name a few.” Burleson elaborated, “My least favorite part about IVD is fundraising.”

Burleson continued, “Last Monday the Mid-season competition was held at Larry’s Performance RC. Shark’s IVD uses a Traxas Slash 4×4.” The team “St. Louis One” of the St. Louis Sharks came in third at the competition. St. Louis had three different groups.

Shark’s IVD has its final competition at Kettering University in May. Time can only tell how the finals will turn out for our glorious Shark’s IVD team. One student, Grant Bebow, said, “I think IVD is cool because model cars are interesting.” However, they have quite a long time to practice– three months. They have two teams competing then, so the chances of one winning are fair.