DC’s new Harley Quinn movie takes over theaters

Promotional poster for Birds of Prey.

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Promotional poster for Birds of Prey.

Patrick Hanley, Staff Writer

The newest DC rendition on a (super?) villain has been released. This time the focal point of the film is Joker’s ex-fling, Harley Quinn, and her life post-Joker. The movie begins with a rather long (20 minute) narration as to how Harley got to the point she is at while introducing new characters and foreshadowing events. The plot begins when Harley promises to steal a 30-carat diamond from ACE Chemicals, the well-known industry in Gotham City, in which the diamond could contain secrets to a secret empire. Harley meets teen pickpocket, Cassandra, who had possession of the diamond. In order to persuade the teen to give her the diamond, she takes her under her wing, so to say. Harley has a pretty nasty influence on the girl, yet the girl also has a good influence on Harley, confessing that being around the girl has made her “want to be a less terrible person.”

Without giving too much detail, I’d grade this movie a solid B. The plot was sort of bland, while the action and violence sort of took over the whole feel of the movie. The number of effects and neon lights presented in this are enough to make anybody sick. I’d say the underlying message within the film would have to be “think about your actions in the moment”, as there are points in which Harley must face the repercussions of her actions. 

Tim Brayton of Alternate Endings, a movie review blog, says, “Enough of it is dazzling to draw attention away from how sluggishly the plot develops prior to the big showdown.” This summarized my thoughts on the movie entirely. 

Senior Danielle Weller says, “There was a ton of violent scenes, and I liked the way the movie focused on the female leads.”