Sharks basketball gets stung in loss to rival Ithaca


Courtesy Photo

Trae Garcia searches the court for an open teammate.

Alexandra Pawlitz, Staff Writer

The varsity boys basketball team competed against the Ithaca Yellowjackets Feb. 11, and lost in a close game with the final score being 55-57. 

Ethan Wilson stated, “This is a game that none of us wanted to lose. It came down to the wire with us losing to simple mistakes. The atmosphere in the locker room was non-existent. No one said a word until Coach Knauf came down to speak to us. He helped us realize that we still have much more to look forward to, such as winning districts.” Wilson added that he hopes to see Ithaca again during districts. 

Cade Pestrue added, “We needed to have better defense in the fourth quarter. Once the Yellowjackets went on a run with hitting three three-points in a row, we knew we couldn’t come back from it.” 

Avante Taylor mentioned, “We weren’t very disciplined on defense. We had a terrible amount of fouls. We all had the effort and I’m glad our team didn’t give up. We just need to keep moving forward and keep our head[s] in the game.”

Tuesday night’s game was the classic rivalry game for the bell. The leading scorer of the night was Cade Pestrue with 13 points, and Corban Allen followed behind with nine. The Sharks are back in action Friday, Feb. 14, against Millington.