Pep club once again holds Match-O-Matics fundraiser


Ethan Wilson

Corban Allen and Gina Shebester compare their results.

Ethan Wilson, Staff Writer

Saint Louis High School recently participated in an annual fundraiser called Match-O-Matics to raise money for the pep club. Students can still buy their results in the office for $2.00.

Brooklyn Aikens said, “They are a ton of fun, and I look forward to buying mine every year!”

Match-O-Matics is a questionnaire that students fill out according to their personality, likes, and dislikes. Saint Louis students filled out these questionnaires with the hopes of finding “the one.” The test matches people with common answers. For example, one of the questions asks, “what type of person you are when it comes to getting your homework done.” The answer then affects the outcome of who you are matched with.

Owen Downs said, “I find these very interesting because they pair you up with people that you would never expect to share an interest with.”

The results show a variety of different things. Not only does it show the most matched, but the most matched from other grades. Match-O-Matics also will also display your most opposites. The test also presents a variety of different things students may have not known about your birthday, like famous events that occurred the same month and day as your birthday.

Macie Salladay said, “I have lots of fun finding out who I match up with the best. Also, who knows, maybe I’ll meet the love of my life.”